An Introduction to Us


Nine years ago when we left the US to serve in Cape Town, South Africa this is what our family looked like.  The top picture is us with 4 of our children taken at the camp (Scioto Hills Camp and Retreat Center) that Vicki and I worked at together when I asked her to marry me.  Ben, Stephanie, Tim and Liz are in that picture with us and have all worked at the camp at one time or another. The bottom picture is our oldest son Chris and his wife Lindsey at his graduation from Cedarville University.  Chris and Lindsey met while working together as counselors at Scioto Hills.

Now over 9 years later Vicki and I no longer have any children living at home with us.  All of our children are married and we now have 11 grandchildren ranging from 14 years old to 2 months old.  One thing that we have learned over the years is that change is a constant part of life.

After serving in Cape Town, South Africa for 6 years as the Director of the Cape Church Ministries Institute and as church planting assistants with two South African church planting missionaries, God has expanded our vision for pastoral training in Africa.  The new ministry is called "Pastoral Training Consultant and Trainer" by ABWE.  That is a fancy way of saying that we will be involved in giving advice, teaching and developing pastoral training programs for a variety of locations all over the continent of Africa.  We will be based in Southern Ohio and I will be traveling from there to Africa for trips of 2-4 weeks in length somewhere around 6 times a year to be used as a tool by missionaries in the training of their people for pastoral ministry.